4 Things That Make One SEO Reseller Firm Better Than Another

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Becoming an SEO reseller is an excellent way to make a living in the online marketing industry, even if your background and expertise are not in that field. An SEO reseller provides search engine optimization services to clients that are produced by a white label SEO firm. Since the reseller just connects the client to the services, and does not actually provide the services themselves, they don’t have to have a technical or marketing background. A few other reasons that SEO reselling is a great market to be in include:

  • Search engine optimization is becoming a staple in the marketing industry. Not only does this offer great sales opportunities to SEO resellers now, SEO reselling is expected to grow exponentially in the future, making a stable career choice.
  • No physical inventory has to be managed in order to sell SEO services. You only have to purchase services when you have a client buying them, which takes away the risk of investing in products you aren’t able to sell.
  • SEO reselling provides a rewarding career where you work closely with businesses and provide an integral piece in helping them succeed.

The most important factor in being a successful as SEO reseller is making sure that you find the best SEO reseller program to work through. A few things you should look for in a white label SEO program that help ensure that you find the best SEO reseller program for your business include:

  1. Offering a comprehensive reseller dashboard. One of the most enticing reason that businesses will use your reseller services is if you provide reports on their search engine ranking, traffic, and conversion rates. When searching for the best SEO reseller program, make sure to take a look at sample reports produced by their dashboard. Make sure they are easy to understand and provide the metrics that your clients will want.
  2. Ongoing education. A great SEO reseller program will offer you continuing education, to keep you up-to-date on successful SEO approaches, changes in search engine algorithms, and technical training on the services that you sell.
  3. A strong reseller community. Getting support and advice on strategies that are successful and ways to improve sales with other resellers who have the same goals is incredibly helpful for your business. Make sure that the SEO firm that you use has a well-adopted reseller forum to help you connect with other resellers.
  4. Consulting services. Your reseller firm should help you with any struggles that you experience, such as price points, strategy development, and business branding. Having a dedicated account manager who coaches you on your reseller business and will refer you to SEO specialists if needed is a good way to know that you will have the partnership with your SEO firm required to have a successful SEO reseller business.

Do you have a successful SEO reseller business? What attracted you to the SEO reselling industry? Do you have any tips that you could offer SEO reseller newbies to help them find the best SEO reseller firm? Please share your sage wisdom in the comment section below.

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