Increasing Google Rankings for Success

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Google’s uniqueness can be expressed by looking at how the cofounders used LEGO bricks for a hard drive storage compartment while testing algorithms for PageRank. It’s no secret that almost all internet marketers have a common goal of increasing their Google rankings. A huge part of internet marketing is search engine optimization. In fact, SEO takes the biggest piece of the pie when it comes to online marketing services. It’s important to know 75 percent of search engine users never venture on past the first page of their search results. Gaining a competitive organic position in Google is definitely a common goal that all online business owners, bloggers, and internet marketers share.

Another huge factor to consider if you’re involved with internet marketing is how 80 percent of search engine users never pay attention to paid advertisement links. Instead, the majority of internet users only spend time clicking on organic links. Outsourcing search engine optimization is a necessity when it comes to increasing search engine rankings because of the requirements that major search engines set. Recent studies show how much of an impact is being made by mobile internet users. For example, 65 percent of people who own a smart phone or a tablet spend time researching products and services before purchasing.

Larry Page is one of Google’s cofounders, and the term “PageRank” was named after him. Monitoring a website’s PageRank is a common task that marketing firms execute. Increasing PageRank requires content creation, link building, and many other elements that are involved with search engine optimization. Becoming visible in Google is the best way to achieve success on the web. Combining social media marketing with SEO is also recommended. The growing popularity of social media networks is producing changes in the internet marketing world. Using Seo tools is also important if your marketing in Google.

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