Need Better Websites for Clients? Three Things to Look for in Resell Companies

Did you know that 95% of online visitors decide within a second whether or not a website is worth their business? Having great design is important, especially if businesses are also spending money on online advertising like PPC, SEO, and social media marketing.

Online companies often offer all these services at once so that their clients can get everything they need in one place. Often, the way they accomplish this is through website reselling. Many companies who specialize in specific fields, like email marketing software, are too small to also take on website design. If you are considering becoming a website reseller, here are three things you should look for from a great resell company.

1. Sites that understand the seven elements of design

The key principles of great website design are graphics, typography, white space, connection, grid, color, and balance. All these things together contribute to what we now recognize as an appealing website. When any of these elements are missing, they interfere with the ability of a user to easily read, navigate, or understand the page. Pages with better white space, for example, increase reader comprehension by 20%. Look for reseller website programs that incorporate these elements into every site they design.

2. Easy, functional usage

If you are a middleman passing a website from a designer to a client, you want to ensure that the website is as easy to use as possible. Not only will this be a better experience for your client, but it means that basic troubleshooting will be easier on your end without having to contact the reselling company. This type of website development is often referred to as a content managing system. Good website reseller companies make it easy for the end user to make changes or additions to online content. This ensures that websites remain relevant and updated over time.

3. Engaging design

Once you have users on a page, it is important to engage them as much as possible in order to keep them reading and also bring new readers to your page. Social media is a great way to spread the word about your website. Resell websites should include buttons readers can click in order to share content with their Facebook, Twitter, or blog friends. Buttons for following the company on social media websites is also a good function to include.

Have any tips for what companies should look for in resell websites? Let us know in the comments!

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