Reseller Web Hosting Is Great For the Client AND The Host

Are you familiar with the idea of a reseller website program? If not, let me catch you up just a little on this highly recommended way of getting your website hosted.

So what does someone do when they resell web hosting?

Someone who operates a reseller website program has an online account through which they own and control a certain amount of hard disk space, and some quantity of available bandwidth. Then these reseller website programs will sell an agreed upon amount of that space and bandwidth to a third party (that’s you, theoretically) to host one or more of their websites. Reseller web hosting is big business, and working with a reputable and well equipped reseller website program is a great way to get your online content hosted at a fair price.

Or maybe you’d consider going into the reseller web hosting business for yourself! There’s no shortage of incentives… For one, the operator of a reseller website program is usually a professional who already supplies web design services. Is this something you’re into? Offering hosting is a means of making your design services more appealing, and it also gives you total control over which website features you’re willing to offer.

Learning to resell websites also gives you a way to make recurring income. Even after you’ve fulfilled your contract to design someone’s site, if you’re also hosting it then you’ll likely be charging them some regular fee (e.g. a monthly fee) for its upkeep. And if your clients are happy with your work, then acting as their ongoing host service will make them more likely to come back to you later when they need design work again.

So whether you’re looking to get your site hosted, or looking to host other users’ sites for profit, take the time to learn how a well run reseller website program operates. You may be glad you did!

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