Take Your Business Up a Notch as a Website Reseller

America is a great country to start a business in.

As a website designer or marketer, you have been successful on a small, comfortable scale, and your work is good. Customers like it, and word of mouth is starting to spread. It seems like an unusual day when you do not hear from someone asking if you would like to design their website, too, or help them with web marketing.

You have thought about it. Your skills are already proven, but those first few websites were a lot of work and you are unsure how to scale up to take on more customers. In the back of your mind, you have no trouble calculating the amount of work you will have to do if everything goes smoothly. And as comfortable as you are with design and implementation, coordinating development of a bunch of websites at once could be a huge headache you would rather not think about.

What you’re ready for is a reseller website program that can take you to the next step. A reseller website program allows you to tap the expertise of a third party that will do the heavy lifting for you, a white label or wholesale firm you pay, usually at a discounted or wholesale rate. You then resell the website created to your customer, with a profit tacked on.

You have worked closely with your customer to design the website. You have the specifications and format and colors and overall look captured just exactly the way the customer wants. Now you turn the work over to the reseller website program company and its developers and SEO specialists. The customer contacts you for questions, advice and workflow benchmarks. You work with the reseller website program experts, who provide you with updates along the way and a finished product that has your name on it.

This is a way for you to resell websites and initiate your own reseller website programs as a broker. You move smoothly from developer to development manager. Your fame spreads. Life is good.

A good reseller website program will be seamless to your customer, provide a solid, structured communication process to you so your customers feel that you are on top of their project, and deliver what your customer wants on time. You are charged a wholesale rate by the reseller website program company, which you add your markup to as you complete the sale to your customer. And many reseller website programs offer you significant discounts for using them for multiple projects.

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