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  • Tips on Increasing Search Engine Rankings

    Did you know there are more than 100 billion searches performed on the internet from around the globe every single month? There should be no surprise as to why website owners, internet marketers and bloggers, are all paying attention to search engine optimization. Increasing your Google rankings is a process that requires the proper SEO […]

  • SEO and Google Rankings

    When it comes to todays current SEO climate, Google rankings are hugely important. The search engine rankings provided by Google serve as a benchmark for online visibility and overall relevance to online visitors. An interesting side note about Google is that their famous “doodles” began back in 1998, when the company’s co founders Page and […]

  • Seize Internet Opportunities to Help Your Business Grow

    When it was still just a research project, the founders of Google used LEGO bricks to create a storage compartment for the 10 hard drives they used to test the PageRank algorithm. Nowadays, Google has become a massive corporation that plays a major role in how people use the internet. Of U.S. internet users over […]

  • Essential Internet Marketing Advice

    It seems like people have been tweeting forever, yet the first tweet that Google made, Im feeling lucky in binary code, only occurred about four years ago. Given the fact that Google probably wields the most clout among all internet giants, this fact seems to illustrate that it does not take long for an internet […]