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It seems like people have been tweeting forever, yet the first tweet that Google made, Im feeling lucky in binary code, only occurred about four years ago. Given the fact that Google probably wields the most clout among all internet giants, this fact seems to illustrate that it does not take long for an internet trend to come around and age in a relatively brief amount of time. And while such trends reflect an internet culture that advances rapidly, it is also evidence of the fact that people are more fickle than ever. Thus, it becomes even more remarkable that Google has been at the forefront of internet search engines for nearly a decade and a half. As such, being able to manipulate Google rankings through search engine optimization has become fundamental to company success. When companies are able to improve their search engine rankings, their internet marketing plans can come to fruition.

As companies search for more effective internet marketing strategies to improve search engine rankings, they strive to capitalize upon the trend that around two thirds of internet users turn to Google when surfing the web. Furthermore, knowing that web users conduct more than 100 billion global webs search every month, and that nearly 90 percent of teen and adult web users research purchases over the internet, that the online world is rife with internet marketing opportunities. For this purpose, SEO services companies and consultants offer to companies of all sizes a number of SEO tools and SEO marketing services that include SEO blogs, Seo news, and SEO reporting that will boost their chances for success considerably. There are a number of advantages to enlisting the internet marketing services of an SEO services company, among which are customization of SEO packages, speed, and affordability.

Given the firm hold that Google seems to have in the internet marketing world, successful companies must find the most efficient and consistent ways to exploit Google. However, as Google continues to grow smarter in its technology, companies are not always able to keep up with the changes in respect to its algorithms. As such, SEO companies offer highly specialized knowledge in the area of internet marketing, upon which any company can capitalize to provide itself with the best chance to meet its internet marketing goals.


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