What do Goats Have to do With Search Engine Ranking?

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We all do understand the importance of the search engine ranking of our websites. We often spend hours and hours on figuring out the best ways to gain a higher page rank. Oh, but did you know that the PageRank algorithm that is every so important to us, is an algorithm process named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. And the first ever tweet from Google on Feb. 26th, 2009 is binary code for “I am feeling lucky”. And do not forget about the goats. The lawns of the company headquarters of Google are mowed by goats that are rented from a grazing company. Pretty humorous stuff from the search engine that we all pretty much bow down to when thinking about our search engine ranking.

Humor aside, when thinking about search engine ranking and how it can affect the success of a website, there are other statistics that are perhaps more important than goats mowing the lawns of Google. Approximately 92 percent of online adults in the United States perform at least one search each day. In addition, more than 88 percent of Internet users in the United States over the age of 14, browsed or researched products in 2012. About 40 percent of those followed up on social media, asking for more information before making a purchase.

In light of these facts, you can certainly see the importance of a search engine ranking. Basically, if these search users cannot see you on the first page of their results, they will not visit you. This is where search engine optimization plays a huge role in your search engine ranking. SEO blogs and Internet marketing gurus tell us that people generally do not click on those paid links, rather on the top organic links of a search engine ranking page.

While you may not have goats roaming around your yard, you can employ an Seo marketing company to help you with your search engine ranking. Together, you and the company will create content and other marketing tools that will raise your search engine ranking. Do it today, and you may well be able to afford a yard large enough to require goats.


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