What Internet Marketing Means in the Digital Age

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Want to know exactly how much of a giant Google has become? The next time they roll out a cool, interactive doodle on their homepage, see how many sites report on it. Yep, even Google doodle have become newsworthy these days.

It makes sense, then, that when Google launched its own Twitter account in late February 2009, the company kicked off a new era of social media awareness with a message that served as both a cheeky in-joke and a bold declaration: “I’m feeling lucky.” The Google algorithms can absolutely make or break a company, which is why it is so essential to develop the best search engine optimization techniques you possible can. But how do you start?

First, you have the know the temperature of the water before you jump in. Obviously, Internet marketing is one of the best ways to get your brand at a larger audience on the web. But how essentially is SEO compared to, say, effective social media management?

You need both, plain and simple. But consider that between 70 and 80 percent of Internet search users focus only on the organically produced results in the Google rankings. That means you can have a much higher ROI when you opt for natural Internet marketing techniques like SEO over simple paid ads.

Like we mentioned before, social media is huge, too. Hop on Facebook and Twitter and post regular updates in order to keep your fans and followers clued in to your latest developments and announcements. Of course, you cannot forget to blog, either. Companies that blog tend to have 434 percent more indexed pages than those who do not, and all that additional content will only help your chances of getting discovered via searches.

If your company offers services to other companies, consider what Internet marketing tools like SEO can do for your lead generation. You are probably tired of the same tired, worn-out marketing practices of print, TV and radio ads, so consider SEO marketing to help you find your next clients. In fact, SEO generates leads with an average close rate of 14.6 percent compared to the paltry 1.7 close rate of outbound leads.

When it comes to Internet marketing, you cannot forget to go mobile. As the web landscape changes to a more portable system, people are taking their online experiences with them via smartphones and tablets. You have to meet them there. About 48 percent of mobile users say they consult their devices to look up product reviews or discover promotions and discounts. Optimizing your services for the on-the-go consumer is going to become a key aspect of future Internet marketing.

We are approaching the middle of the 2010s. Considering how the web is still in its infancy, it is amazing to see all the progress that has been made already. You can use this progress to your benefit with the advanced techniques afforded to you and other web-savvy companies through Internet marketing.

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