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  • Three Ways to Quickly Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Ranking

    Hundreds of websites jockey and compete for Google’s coveted first search ranking. Being the first organic search result gives a website authority and clout, and it earns them more traffic. According to research from Chitika, the top ranked search results receive a whopping 33% of traffic, while the second gets 18%, and the statistics continue […]

  • What Internet Marketing Means in the Digital Age

    Want to know exactly how much of a giant Google has become? The next time they roll out a cool, interactive doodle on their homepage, see how many sites report on it. Yep, even Google doodle have become newsworthy these days. It makes sense, then, that when Google launched its own Twitter account in late […]

  • Where and How to Start SEO

    Search engine optimization is one of the many businesses that has grown out of Google’s demoninance on the internet. Achieving good search engine rankings or SEO has become as important as other niche industries such as building apps and developing websites. There was a time when Google was just a research project of two Stanford […]