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  • 4 Things That Make One SEO Reseller Firm Better Than Another

    Becoming an SEO reseller is an excellent way to make a living in the online marketing industry, even if your background and expertise are not in that field. An SEO reseller provides search engine optimization services to clients that are produced by a white label SEO firm. Since the reseller just connects the client to […]

  • Making the Most of Your SEO Strategy

    Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page made use of LEGO bricks as a means of creating storage compartments for the 10 4 GB hard drives necessary to test the PageRank algorithm in its infancy; these original tests occurred when the now ubiquitous search engine was just a grad school project. So much has changed […]

  • Three Ways to Quickly Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Ranking

    Hundreds of websites jockey and compete for Google’s coveted first search ranking. Being the first organic search result gives a website authority and clout, and it earns them more traffic. According to research from Chitika, the top ranked search results receive a whopping 33% of traffic, while the second gets 18%, and the statistics continue […]

  • The Future of SEO Is Going Mobile

    This is a time when it’s a better marketing strategy to focus on your Google rankings and other search engine rankings rather than other ad campaigns, like radio spots. The problem is that you can’t simply buy the top spot–you have to earn it. Sure, you can pay for sponsored links, but between 70% and […]

  • Fix Your Web Image With SEO Tools

    If you own a small business, there is a good chance that you have heard the terms “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO tools), or “social media reseller” before. You are likely to have a million questions upon learning about this technique of online marketing, such as “what exactly goes into Search Engine Optimization?” “What makes one […]

  • What Internet Marketing Means in the Digital Age

    Want to know exactly how much of a giant Google has become? The next time they roll out a cool, interactive doodle on their homepage, see how many sites report on it. Yep, even Google doodle have become newsworthy these days. It makes sense, then, that when Google launched its own Twitter account in late […]

  • Top Five Facts You Should Know Before You Invest in SEO

    Whether you own your own business or you run the website for a larger business, you should already be aware of the ways in which search engine optimization can be helping your website. Whether you are looking for help on Seo blogs for internet marketing or you are looking to hire a company that can […]

  • Where and How to Start SEO

    Search engine optimization is one of the many businesses that has grown out of Google’s demoninance on the internet. Achieving good search engine rankings or SEO has become as important as other niche industries such as building apps and developing websites. There was a time when Google was just a research project of two Stanford […]

  • What do Goats Have to do With Search Engine Ranking?

    We all do understand the importance of the search engine ranking of our websites. We often spend hours and hours on figuring out the best ways to gain a higher page rank. Oh, but did you know that the PageRank algorithm that is every so important to us, is an algorithm process named after Larry […]

  • What Is Internet Marketing?

    With over half of todays consumers starting research on a product or a service by the use of a search engine, it is important that businesses stay on top of the latest trends in search engine optimization. Only 24 percent of consumers visit straight through a companies website, and only eighteen percent search via social […]